Thursday, July 26, 2018


I have seen, Matariki in the mid cold winter. Matariki
are the seven sisters.The reappearance of the
seven matariki stars,in late May or early June
signals the beginning of the maori new year.

I think, there are also about a thousand stars in Matariki,
also known as the pleiades. But only about seven,Are visible
to the unabeld eye.So there actually called,Gods
eye.For another example,there are many legends about
the star cluster Matariki.

I believe, that we should celebrate Matariki.And thats
because it’s a new happy year.And I also
believe we need Matariki because it brings our family


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  1. Hey there my name is Florence I am a year 8 student from Kawakawa Primary School. I really like how you have done this post about Matariki and what you have seen you think and what you believe,it's really interesting one thing you could do is add photos explaining what it means but other than that I really like it,and it is really creative.
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